Travel tips for Italy to get the most out of your vacation

Packed your bags? All set for your Italy trip? But do you know everything about Italy? It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. But in order to make the trip more interesting and memorable, you need to keep in mind some things. You don’t need to search the entire internet looking for some tips and hints. Well, don’t worry; finding some tips isn’t that difficult. So, here are some travel tips for Italy to make your journey even more special.

When booking an overnight train, make sure to mention Mr. or Mrs. on the ticket:

If you are traveling to Italy for the first time, make sure that you clearly mention Mr. or Mrs. on the ticket to spare yourself from embarrassment. This is because there are separate compartments (unless you have booked a private compartment) for men and women and if you have the wrong salutation on the ticket, the employee won’t allow you to board the train. After all, you surely don’t want to begin your journey on a funny note, right?

Don’t order insalata verde, unless of course you want a bowl of lettuce:

Are you hungry after traveling and want to check out some Italian delicacies? Well, don’t trust your translator for that matter and order insalata verde. This is because you will only get a bowl full of lettuce and have to fill your stomach with it. You can take it from someone lost in translation!

Never make special menu requests at the restaurant:

You must never bother the chef with your own special menu and stick to only what is available. After all, you surely don’t want to appear like an annoying foreigner asking for special item, right?

Always prepare yourself to eat late:

Travel tips for Italy also includes preparing yourself to eat late. You need to remember that it is not your country and you must stick to their rules. Interestingly, in Italy, most of the restaurants, especially the fancy ones, don’t open before 7 pm.

When browsing menu and deciding about where to eat, consider the cover charge:

The cover charge or Il coperto, as it called in Italian varies from one restaurant to another. Even though it is just a few Euros, you need to check it before placing your order. The charge is often mentioned the bottom of the menu. So, now you won’t be surprised when you finally get the bill.

Money and ATM:

When visiting Italy, it is best to exchange some money before you are leaving your country. Even though ATM s is the most convenient way to exchange money, most of the airport ATMs runs out of money when you just land. This is especially if you land on a weekend. Also, you don’t want to exchange your money into one of the costly currency exchanges.

Transport strikes are pretty common in Italy, so make sure you have enough time to catch your flight:

Don’t be shocked if transport strikes disturb your travel plans. Even though it is common, most of these strikes are announced way before time and so you can plan up your trip according to that. Just pay attention to the strike signs in the local train stations and you will be fine.

These are only a few of the travel tips for Italy to make the trip easy and fun. Well, the rest, you will know as you go ahead with your trip.